The North Korean military threat to America and its allies, explained. Unpredictable, unhinged, dangerous: Asian countries look warily at Trump. South Koreans feeling cheated after U.S. carrier miscue. “The aircraft carrier story isn’t just something to laugh at. It is endangering people and alliances”. Dissembling on North Korea, Trump creates a crisis of credibility. Trump’s newest foreign policy challenge: The Iran deal is working. The Trump administration just quietly admitted that the Iran deal is working. “Beautiful kids”: How the Trump administration has weaponized photographs of agony in Syria.

Stephen Sestanovich on the brilliant incoherence of Trump’s foreign policy: The United States periodically debates whether to do more or less abroad — Trump won by promising both, but he can’t possibly deliver. Why presidential candidates (like Trump) campaign as isolationists but (like Trump) govern as hawks — the pattern goes back at least to 1900.