Marquis Bey (Cornell): The Trans-ness of Blackness, the Blackness of Trans-ness. At Chinese factory where Ivanka Trump shoes are made, an activist is detained. Gay son of Indian immigrant Leo Varadkar likely to be Ireland’s next leader. This is what an honest account of history looks like: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu destroyed all justifications for having Confederate monuments in his city. Jesse Singal on how the self-esteem craze took over America — and why the hype was irresistible. Katie Fitzpatrick on heartlessness as an intellectual style. Tim Parks on the pleasures of pessimism. Emily Parker writes in praise of echo chambers. From Magculture, Jeremy Leslie interviews Matt Kelly of The New European.

Democrats warn Trump against pre-emptive attack on North Korea. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says military solution to North Korea would be “tragic on an unbelievable scale”. Hawaii is preparing a new nuclear contingency plan because of North Korea. What would the government do after a WMD attack? We have no idea. US successfully intercepts ICBM in historic test. North Korean hackers are scarier than North Korean nukes.