Does Trump care about human rights? The president says his foreign policy is based on “principled realism”. Will Trump’s “principled realism” let autocrats off the hook? President Trump’s foreign policy is a “dangerous farce”. Trump’s foreign policy is incoherent: From Syria to Russia, the administration doesn’t seem to agree on its messaging — or who should deliver it. Don’t lose sight of how strange and dangerous the Trump administration’s anti-Islam worldview is. Donald Trump killed the “indispensable nation” — good, what might countries accomplish now that they can’t rely on America? People outside the U.S. hate Trump — will they punish their leaders for working with him?

Trump’s European trip was a watershed moment: A split has emerged between the U.S. and its European allies — and there’s probably no going back. Emmanuel Macron says Donald Trump is like Putin and Erdogan. French President Emmanuel Macron just went after Russia — to Putin’s face. Former NATO envoy: “This seems to be the end of an era”. Trump is already guilty of aiding Putin’s attack on America. Trump just handed the reins of global leadership to Russia and China. Donald Trump deals away America’s prestige, and his own position. How Republicans are helping Trump destroy the U.S.’s global credibility.