Jason Hannan (Winnipeg): A Blind Spot in Political Theory: Justice, Deliberation, and Animals. Bronwyn Finnigan (ANU): Buddhism and Animal Ethics. Simon Knutsson and Christian Munthe (Gothenburg): A Virtue of Precaution Regarding the Moral Status of Animals with Uncertain Sentience. Are disability rights and animal rights connected? Joshua Rothman interviews Sunaura Taylor, author of Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation (and more). Should a chimpanzee be considered a person? Rohan Todd and Maria Hynes (ANU): Encountering the Animal: Temple Grandin, Slaughterhouses and the Possibilities of a Differential Ontology. Stephen Puryear (NCSU), Stijn Bruers (Ghent), and Laszlo Erdos (MTA): On a Failed Defense of Factory Farming. Brian Kateman on how to stop cruel factory farming: Start with one animal.

You can download Animals and Ethics 101: Thinking Critically About Animal Rights by Nathan Nobis (2016).