U.S. cyberweapons, used against Iran and North Korea, are a disappointment against ISIS. Guess who has drones now? ISIS — and it disrupts the plans of the world’s most powerful military. ISIS just blew up the 842-year-old mosque where it announced its caliphate. Joost Hiltermann on Iraq: The battle to come. A timeline of Trump’s clearly made-up “secret plan” to fight ISIS. Here’s why Trump’s plan to beat ISIS in Raqqa may ignite a new war. Beyond Raqqa, an even bigger battle to defeat ISIS and control Syria looms. Long before it lost turf, ISIS was already targeting Britain. London and the clash of the extremists: The violence ISIS carries out in the west provides fodder for anti-Muslim attackers, and violence against Muslims feeds back into the ISIS narrative.

From Lawfare, can the Islamic State survive financially? ISIS’s caliphate is collapsing, but don’t celebrate just yet. The Islamic State is not dead yet. Is ISIS conceding defeat? What happens after ISIS goes underground. Uninspiring terrorism: Groups like ISIS have gotten dangerously good at encouraging their followers to carry out attacks — there are things we can do to stop them. What will happen after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death? The new Virtual Caliphate and its implications. Is ISIS’s elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead? As U.S. kills ISIS leaders, a notorious one remains elusive. Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide.

President Trump’s air war kills 12 civilians per day: The president promised to “bomb the shit” out of ISIS — but an investigation reveals that more and more innocents are being killed in American-led attacks. Trump administration has killed nearly as many civilians in ISIS strikes as Obama’s did in 8 years.