John Kelly is no-nonsense — can he run an all-nonsense White House? Trump’s new chief of staff is destined to fail. John Kelly’s move to the White House could start a domino effect. Why John Kelly is the perfect pick for Trump’s new chief of staff — or, at least, why Trump thinks he is. Trump loves surrounding himself with generals and not listening to them. John Kelly’s promotion is a disaster for immigrants. This is the Trump administration’s dark reboot: With a new chief of staff, Trump’s refocusing on his top priority — making America afraid again.

Without Priebus, Trump is a man without a party. Turmoil fuels schism between Trump’s White House and Republican Party. The party establishment wing of Trumpworld collapses. The departure of chief of staff Reince Priebus could jeopardize the administration’s tenuous connection with Republican institutions in Washington. “There really is a tweet for every occasion”.