The real reason Obamacare repeal is so hard: Dylan Matthews interviews Paul Pierson, author of Dismantling the Welfare State? Ezra Klein on the GOP’s massive health care failures, explained. Behind legislative collapse: An angry vow fizzles for lack of a viable plan. Elizabeth Drew on the end of the end of Obamacare. Obamacare repeal isn’t dead — it’s undead (and more). As Trump steams, Senate Republicans consider new repeal effort. Trump is trying to reanimate Trumpcare using threats and ridicule. Three things Trump is already doing to “let Obamacare implode”.

Epic health care fail wasn’t McConnell’s fault; it was Trump’s. McConnell’s strange achievement: With the public against it, a president who couldn’t stay on message and even allies calling it a “disaster”, the Senate master nearly passed a huge bill anyway — that’s something, right? Senate Republicans have become a threat to democracy with the latest health care vote. The 10 challenges Republicans now face: With efforts to repeal Obamacare collapsing, the GOP faces a difficult landscape as it looks ahead to 2018.