Matthew Yglesias on Anthony Scaramucci, explained: He’s not here to “suck his own cock”. You talkin’ to me? Trump’s White House gets some New York attitude. Trump, “Mooch,” and the rise of the New York douchebag: The president and his foul-mouthed communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, are members of a very particular species. Stroke, lick and splay: The Anthony Scaramucci guide to wooing your interviewer. Anthony Scaramucci’s self-help books are all self and no help. Scaramucci shows the kind of White House culture Trump has created. Why “the Mooch” whacked Reince Priebus. “He played you”: Here’s the real reason Anthony Scaramucci hates Reince Priebus. Scaramucci learned his press tactics from Wall Street — they’ll only get uglier.

Anthony Scaramucci executive producing HBO movie while in White House. Watchdog group calls for probe of Scaramucci’s contacts with FBI, Justice Dept. Mooch is committing the cardinal sin of WH comms: Making himself the story. The Anthony Scaramucci era will be freakish, embarrassing and all too short.