Itamar Mann (Haifa): The Disaggregated Law of Global Mass Surveillance. Peter Margulies (Roger Williams): Global Cybersecurity, Surveillance, and Privacy: The Obama Administration’s Conflicted Legacy. Russell Miller on privacy and power in the Trump Era. How the Trump administration’s secrecy could inspire long-needed transparency reforms. Deborah N. Pearlstein (Cardozo): Before Privacy, Power: The Structural Constitution and the Challenge of Mass Surveillance. Secrecy and the conspiratorial mindset: Steve Cucharo on how the secrecy we’re told protects our democracy is in fact breaking it down. Scott McLemee reviews Citizen Spies: The Long Rise of America’s Surveillance Society by Joshua Reeves.

Irina D. Manta (Hofstra): Choosing Privacy. This is what it’s actually like to live in a surveillance state: “You never really knew what was going on”. The introduction to Surveillance, Privacy and Security: Citizens’ Perspectives, ed. Rocco Bellanova and J. Peter Burgess.