From Made by History, Benjamin R. Young on how the Reagan-era invasion of Grenada drove North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. What does North Korea hope to gain by threatening Guam? If missiles are headed to Guam, here is what could stop them. North Korean missile claims are “a hoax”. The alternative to nuclear war is a revolution: Trump should stop legitimizing the regime and start helping North Koreans to change it. Jean H. Lee goes inside Kim Jong-un’s bloody scramble to kill off his family: While the world watches North Korea launch missiles, the very paranoid supreme leader has been busy eliminating anyone in his family who might knock him off the throne.

Pyongyang can miniaturize, so let’s move on to what’s important: Lucien Crowder interviews David Wright on the North Korea crisis. This is not a North Korean crisis, it’s a Trump crisis: The standoff on the Korean Peninsula is tense, but stable — unless the American president disrupts it. Trump’s latest North Korea threat is scary — it’s also a lie. Trump has been thinking about nuclear war for decades — here’s why that’s scary. Here’s what would happen if Trump ordered the military to nuke North Korea: No one could stop him. The madman and the bomb: The nuclear launch process once haunted Nixon’s aides — 43 years later, is it finally time to reform the system?

There is no one able to control this rogue president, no one who is capable of preventing him, if he so wishes, from consigning hundreds of thousands of people to a nuclear holocaust — if this does not make for an emergency, what would?