The Democratic Party’s looming fundraising crisis: Trump-era Republicans learned from Bernie Sanders’ success, the Democratic National Committee still hasn’t — and that fact threatens to undo Dems’ potential gains. The tracks of Democratic tears: The antidote to Trump is not Bernie. Democrats still have no idea how to talk about black politicians. Debating the liberal case against identity politics: Sean Illing interviews Mark Lilla, author of The Once and Future Liberal. A new leftist narrative is required: Houssam Hamade interviews Nancy Fraser on identity politics, social justice and an emergent anti-Trump coalition. Is there any point to protesting? We turn out in the streets and nothing seems to happen — maybe we’re doing it wrong.

Liberals helped create Trump’s new bogeyman, the “alt-Left”. Yes, what about the “alt-Left”? What the counter-protesters Trump despises were actually doing in Charlottesville last weekend. Who are the antifa? President Trump equated them with white supremacists — here’s why he’s wrong. Yes, anti-fascists are violent — and necessary.