Zack Beauchamp on 40 maps that explain North Korea. Why it seems like North Korea is launching missiles all the time now. This missile could reach California — but can North Korea use it with a nuclear weapon? Why most misread North Korea’s Guam threat: North Korea is experimenting with new types of coercive bargaining. Why Kim Jong-un is keeping tensions high with Trump. Talk of “preventive war” rises in White House over North Korea. What game theory tells us about nuclear war with North Korea. The big problem with the North Koreans isn’t that we can’t trust them — it’s that they can’t trust us. Bannon is right: There is no real military solution to the North Korea problem. We won’t go to war with North Korea on purpose — but we might by accident.

Trump thinks about nuclear annihilation a lot, but doesn’t know much about it. Fire, fury, and America’s failure to learn from the past: David L. Ulin on revisiting Hiroshima, and the dark, empty rhetoric of the president. Here are 5 takeaways from Trump’s startling nuclear threats against North Korea. President Trump is making the North Korea crisis worse. Mattis responds to Trump: US “never out of diplomatic solutions” on North Korea. In handling North Korea, restraint is Donald Trump’s only option. Can anyone stop Trump from launching nuclear weapons? Probably not — unless there’s a “full-scale mutiny”. Tell Congress, stop Trump from starting nuclear war. Jeffrey Lewis: “I’m a nuclear weapons expert. Trump’s presidency is my personal nightmare”.