We’re edging closer to nuclear war: Experts are worried about India, Pakistan and North Korea. Japan and South Korea want more military firepower (thanks to China and North Korea). John Nilsson-Wright on Japan’s response to North Korea. North Korea’s alarmed neighbors consider deploying deadlier weapons. What North Korea wants: A useful approach to understanding North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s thinking is, perhaps, to consider his “term limit”. Welcome to the Thermonuclear Club, North Korea. Slavoj Zizek on how we should apply to today’s situation what we know about the Cuban missile crisis.

Miscalculation could lead to a Korean war: Donald Trump has created dangerous confusion over US policy towards Pyongyang. How Trump’s base could get us into a nuclear war. Trump does have a foreign policy doctrine, but it’s a bad and simplistic one, and it is demonstrating its ineffectuality spectacularly in the rapidly escalating crisis in North Korea.