Donald Trump and the psychology of doom and gloom: Anne Marthe van der Bles and Sander van der Linden on a new way to understand why voters choose extreme candidates. Masha Gessen on Trump’s hoodlums. Trump raises an army: Trump’s supporters see him as vector; he sees them as market. Why Trump keeps doing unpopular things to please his base: Andrew Prokop on the best case for what may seem like a puzzling political strategy. He’s our asshole: “In conclusion, Fuck Liberals. That, in two words, is the single motivation of Republicans and why they are completely fine with Trump, with Sessions, with Arpaio, with anyone liberals hate, what with their feelings and compassion and belief in relative equality and the like”.

“Disappointed” and “let down”, disaffected Trump voters voice their dismay. Polls show Trump still gets the results he wants: It turns out if you increase the supply of spite, you increase the demand. The story we’re missing by only focusing on Trump’s base.