Peter L. Markowitz and Lindsay Nash (Yeshiva): Pardoning Immigrants. From Vox, Dara Lind on 9 facts that explain DACA, the immigration program Trump is threatening to end; and why ending DACA is so unprecedented: Trump’s decision to wind down DACA unless Congress acts doesn’t just threaten 800,000 immigrants — it threatens America’s immigration legacy. Dreamers live in every US state and don’t just come from Mexico (and more). Poll: Majority opposes deporting Dreamers. Minerva G. Carcano on why ending DACA is unchristian. Obama speaks out on DACA: “To target these young people is wrong”. Companies to offer “dreamers” legal protection as Trump scraps DACA.

Thread: “AG Sessions today said DACA was ‘an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the Executive Branch’ that circumvented immigration laws”. DACA is not unconstitutional: The Trump administration’s case against the DACA program is nonsense. Killing the dream: Trump’s reasons for rescinding DACA don’t hold up — and they shouldn’t distract from the real travesty with rescinding DACA. Here are 4 lies Jeff Sessions told to justify ending DACA. “Trump just gave a masterclass in cowardice: he cancelled #DACA, and then trotted out Sessions because he was too scared to do it himself”.

One big problem on DACA: Trump does not know what he wants. Trump asks for a “way out” on DACA, aides offer a sloppy dodge. Trump just put the GOP Congress in an even tougher spot with his DACA decision. Trump is counting on Congress to save DACA — that’s an enormous gamble. A frazzled Congress may not be able to clean up Trump’s DACA mess. Trump isn’t delivering his own DACA policy because he’s cowardly and weak (and more). By ending DACA, Trump is trying to appease his base while leaving room to blame others. Trump’s immigration plan is Obamacare repeal all over.

Trump administration to Dreamers: Prepare to self-deport. The Trump administration now has tons of DACA data and is poised to weaponize it. Ending DACA puts “Dreamers” at mercy of Congress. For “Dreamers” with disabilities, it’s more than a DACA work permit on the line.

DACA decision confirms it: Trump has killed the Bush version of the GOP. Why the Republican Party will come to regret rolling back DACA. “Don't know about ‘our politics.’ One political party is broken”.

“To recap: A guy who dodged the draft, colluded with Russia, and defended Nazis gets to decide who’s American enough to stay in the country”.