Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt climate report. David Roberts on the climate report scientists are afraid Trump will censor, explained. Trump plans to roll back environmental rule everyone agrees on. The Trump administration just disbanded a federal advisory committee on climate change. EPA now requires political aide’s sign-off for agency awards, grant applications. Making America polluted again: Environmental prosecutions hit record low; multiple federal agencies bow to polluters. Trump and Pruitt, making America polluted again. Trump’s pick to head NASA doesn’t believe humans cause climate change. Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed. Republicans have a Russia conspiracy theory, too: It’s against environmentalists. A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord.

Eliza Barclay and Sarah Frostenson on the ecological disaster that is Trump’s border wall. We’re on the brink of a major environmental disaster — are we ready? Trump Forest organizers want to resist Trump with billions of trees (and more).