Peter Catron (Penn): The Citizenship Advantage: Immigrant Socioeconomic Attainment across Generations in the First Half of the Twentieth Century. From Vox, there’s no evidence that immigrants hurt any American workers: The debate over the Mariel boatlift, a crucial immigration case study, explained; Trump says banning immigrants helps US workers — a leading economist says he’s wrong: Sean Illing interviews Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development; and Trump wants to protect American jobs — his immigration bill would make us poorer. White House claims “dreamers” take jobs away from blacks and Hispanics — here’s the truth.

Fewer immigrants mean more jobs? Not so, economists say. America is destined for decline without more immigrants: America urgently needs the brains and drive of people who now live in other countries. Immigrants shouldn’t have to be “talented” to be welcome: When Americans focus on immigrants’ economic contributions, they fail to stand up to the Trump administration’s fundamentally hateful agenda.