North Korean nuclear test shows steady advance: Elisabeth Eaves interviews Siegfried Hecker, former director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Thread: “After a long, crazy weekend, it’s time to take stock of the N.Korea threat & the appropriate response. Some thoughts”. John Nilsson-Wright on the trouble with Trump’s North Korea policy. Trump’s response to North Korea is both predictable and counterproductive. South Korea is right: Trump has characterized its policy as “appeasement” — but Seoul’s approach is far more sensible than Washington’s. North Korea isn’t “begging for war” — it’s fighting for survival. What would war with North Korea look like? Sam Kriss on what to think about North Korea now we’re all dead. The United States must accept a nuclear North Korea.

How Kim Jong Un treated his high-school girlfriend is the key to understanding his “wild” temper, according to this North Korea expert.