Kai Jager (Mannheim): The Potential of Online Sampling for Studying Political Activists Around the World and Across Time. Robert Hoppe (Twente): Lindblom on Incrementalism: The Tragic Dilemma between Understanding and Shaping the World. Iraq’s Kurds just voted to secede — here’s why that could cause a new civil war (and more). Donald Trump just threatened to commit genocide. Are Switzerland and Sweden the keys to easing the North Korean crisis? From the Baffler, secret powers: Chase Madar on the limitations of the intel cult; and Laurie Penny puts her finger on the anxious pulse of the gigged out, debt-ridden, catastrophe-prone twenty-first century, coming away with a sound prescription of prolonged bed rest.

From Vox, why Obamacare survived: Americans want the health system made better — the GOP plans made it worse; and Obamacare repeal isn’t dead as long as Republicans control Congress. Trump boldly predicts Congress will repeal Obamacare early next year.