Sumit Sarkar (XLRI): Paradox of Crosses in Association Football (Soccer): A Game-Theoretic Explanation. Carlos Carvalho, Ruy Ribeiro, and Eduardo Zilberman (PUC-Rio): Sentiment, Electoral Uncertainty and Stock Returns. Mauro Maia Laruccia and Valdenise Lezier Martyniuk (PUCSP): Racism in Football: A Narrative Path. Soccer’s culture of corruption: Simon Kuper reviews The Fall of the House of FIFA: The Multimillion-Dollar Corruption at the Heart of Global Soccer by David Conn. Steven A. Bank (UCLA): Will U.S. Soccer Be Forced to Adopt Promotion and Relegation? Soccer for intellectuals: Baseball has Roger Angell, boxing has A. J. Liebling — yet soccer, puzzlingly, has no writer of such caliber, no one who has managed to find in the sport.