Nicole B. Porter (Toledo): Accommodating Everyone. Brent Simpson (South Carolina) and Ozan Aksoy (UCL): Cumulative Advantage in Collective Action Groups: How Competition for Group Members Alters the Provision of Public Goods. Bill Wringe (Bilkent): Global Obligations and the Human Right to Health. By what measure: Eli S. Evans on Catalonia and the referendum. Trump vented to Tillerson about law barring US companies from bribing foreign officials. Matt Flegenheimer on Stephen Miller, the powerful survivor on the President’s right flank. Jennifer Weiner on the flagrant sexual hypocrisy of conservative men. Emmett Rensin canvases the new landscape of resistance-themed political consultancy, and finds little more than vacuous sloganeering and New Age flapdoodle — all for a low, low five-figure fee.

Caroline Framke and Constance Grady on the explosive sexual harassment case against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, explained. Why the Harvey Weinstein sexual-harassment allegations didn’t come out until now. Harvey Weinstein is the tip of a huge Hollywood iceberg — that may be starting to melt. Men must step up to change the Hollywood culture that enabled Harvey Weinstein. The era of unleashing: Why Harvey Weinstein can fall and Donald Trump and Breitbart can rise at the same time. Don’t call it “toxic masculinity” — they’re sociopathic baby-men.