To tabloid reporters in New York, President Trump was known simply as Donald — a former gossip writer for the New York Daily News describes a complicated and profitable relationship. Art of the steal: Alex Shepard on how Trump boosted his book sales and gamed the New York Times best-seller list. Trump is the star of these bizarre Victorian novels — and the Internet is losing its mind. Becca Schuh on how Donald Trump changed political comics. Mike Edison on the art of the heel: For God and country, wrestling and Donald Trump explained, finally. Adrian Carrasquillo and Tarini Parti on the Trump (alternate) reality show (and more). Gregory Krieg on the inescapable Donald Trump.

Triumph of the shill: Corey Robin on the political theory of Trumpism. How Republicans got Trump catastrophically wrong: GOP leaders assumed the president’s campaign-trail rhetoric would give way to Washington realities — the trajectory they’d followed themselves. D.R. Koukal on the disordered soul and presidency of Donald J. Trump. Once upon a time, it looked like Trump might have some empathy — not anymore. “He’s better than this”, says Thomas Barrack, Trump’s loyal whisperer. Trump unleashes himself from would-be handlers, lashing out mornings, nights and weekends. “I hate everyone in the White House”: Trump seethes as advisers fear the president is “unraveling”.