John McCain is escalating his longstanding feud with President Donald Trump. Bob Corker’s 9 most devastating lines on Donald Trump in his CNN interview, ranked. Senator Bob Corker won’t say if Trump can be trusted with nuclear codes. “The Senate Foreign relations chair says the president is a threat internationally and is debasing the nation. And Ryan says: focus on taxes”. Ezra Klein on the Republican Party, in one tweet. Jeff Flake’s rousing speech illustrates Trump’s stranglehold on the GOP. Jeff Flake is not a hero, despite what he wants you to think. It’s one thing to criticize Trump — it’s another to vote against him.

“The difference being Flake doesn’t grope the widows and orphans before he shoves them out on the street and auctions off their worldly goods. Character! And Conscience!” Jeff Flake can’t save America from the sidelines. Republicans need a better response besides quitting: First Bob Corker, now Jeff Flake — we’re one away from a dangerous trend.