Nathan A. Rosenberg (Arkansas) and Bryce Wilson Stucki (U.S. Census Bureau): The Butz Stops Here: Why the Food Movement Needs to Rethink Agricultural History. Joshua Ulan Galperin and Graham Downey (Yale) and Lee Miller (Harvard): Eating Is Not Political Action. Across Myanmar, denial of ethnic cleansing and loathing of Rohingya. Does literary studies have a future? Marko Roth reviews Literary Criticism: A Concise Political History by Joseph North (and more). Almost half of the abortions performed every year are unsafe. Why barbed wire was a revolution, paper money was an accident, and HVACs were a productivity booster: Derek Thompson interviews Tim Harford, author of Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy.

House Republicans launch probe into Obama-era uranium deal involving Russian-backed company. The Hill’s flimsy Russia-uranium story lands with maximum effect. Did the media learn their lesson about faux Clinton scandals?