Darkness: Yochi Dreazen on life in Puerto Rico without electricity. “Like going back in time”: Puerto Ricans put survival skills to use. How one small town in Puerto Rico found food and community after Maria. Pop-up disaster relief groups are navigating a devastated Puerto Rico. Why FEMA sent “junk food” to Puerto Rican hurricane survivors. Tesla just unveiled its first battery project in Puerto Rico that will restore power to a children’s hospital. Google turns on Internet balloons in Puerto Rico. Schumer wants “CEO of Response and Recovery” for Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s hurricane crisis has only just begun.

Jon Lee Anderson interviews Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, on Trump’s “big mouth” and what Puerto Rico needs. Counties that voted for the president get more in disaster relief: The federal aid sent to Puerto Rico fits a longstanding pattern. How Donald Trump’s failure to help Puerto Rico could haunt him in 2020.