The tragedy of Jeff Flake: The Arizona senator gambled that voters would choose civility and responsible governance over Trump. Why Jeff Flake’s exit should scare Democrats. Flake wants GOP to “speak out” against Trump, but that’s it. After day of feuding, Jeff Flake and Bob Corker join Trump to upend a major consumer protection. A stern Senate speech won’t stop Trump — it didn’t stop McCarthy. Scott Lemieux on what Jeff Flake must do next. Alex Shepard on Jeff Flake and the great failure of the anti-Trumpists. Jonathan Chait, Ed Kilgore, and Eric Levitz on Jeff Flake and the anti-Trump Republican politician. Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and John McCain need to start acting like senators, not pundits. Sorry, Senator Corker — you missed your chance to do the right thing about Trump.

Republican establishment accuses Steve Bannon of being an anti-Semite in ugly war against his plan to topple sitting senators. “The president’s wingman”: Absent in the West Wing, Bannon stays close to Trump. The Bannon style of American politics: It’s not as new as it seems. Bannon’s populist “New Right” pretty similar to the 1970s New Right. The Republican purge has only just begun: Steve Bannon isn’t just trying to tear down the GOP establishment — he wants to build a new one. Establishment Republicans agree: Steve Bannon is kicking our ass. What is McConnell’s ammunition in the battle against Bannon?

Republican elites cheered the right-wing insurgency — now it’s coming for them. As G.O.P. bends toward Trump, critics either give in or give up. Greg Sargent on the Trump authoritarian cult. The GOP civil war is bigger than Trump — a new study shows deep fissures on policy. The Republican party is in the midst of a civil war — and Donald Trump is winning. Colbert mocks GOP: It's “civil war”, but no one is trying to help black people.

Movement conservatives now prefer Trump: According to new research from Pew, old-school conservatives love Trump even more than the America First types do. No, the extremist fever in the GOP is not breaking.