From Public Books, a symposium on What’s at Stake in Trump’s America, with contributions by William Julius Wilson, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Richard Sennett, and more. Is hateful speech in the wake of Donald Trump’s election a sign of a new “normal”? Christopher Ingraham on what Americans are afraid of in the age of Trump. How data can save us from the Trumpocalypse: In 2017, Americans need as much access to public information as possible, pleads political scholar Sarah Kendzior. Francis Fukuyama on checks and balances: Since the beginning of the presidency of Donald J. Trump, Americans have been undergoing a worrisome experiment in constitutional government.

Blame the Constitution for Trump’s undemocratic executive orders. Has the Trump administration crossed the “bright lines” of democracy? Trump is still treating the federal government like he owns it: “Maybe Republicans ought to consider the possibility that a president who acts this way is bad, and they should stop him”. Will we ever return to normal after Trump? It’s not too soon to contemplate a post-Trump challenge — tyrant-proofing the country, in case the next one isn’t such a clown.