The sham populism of Silicon Valley: Alexander Bisley interviews Franklin Foer, author of World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech (and more and more). How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality: Franklin Foer on the perils of monopoly. There’s blood in the water in Silicon Valley: The bad new politics of big tech. How big tech became a bipartisan whipping boy. Monopoly men: Sarah Jones on how Silicon Valley’s monopolies abet conservative propaganda. Why “fake news” is an antitrust problem: Tech companies aren’t raising prices — but they’re still monopolies. Is Amazon getting too big? What if platforms like Facebook are too big to regulate?

Elena Perotti (WAN-IFRA): Google’s Antitrust Woes Around the World. Thomas Hoppner (TH Wildau): Duty to Treat Downstream Rivals Equally: (Merely) a Natural Remedy to Google’s Monopoly Leveraging Abuse. Google is essentially building an anti-Amazon alliance, and Target is the latest to join. You can’t boycott Google: Trying to pressure Google by boycotting its products is futile.

Casey Newton, Nick Statt, and Michael Zelenko on how Americans really feel about Facebook, Apple, and more. Tech giants, once seen as saviors, are now viewed as threats. Most consumers still really like the really big tech firms. Silicon Valley is not your friend: We are beginning to understand that tech companies don’t have our best interests at heart — did they ever? After an eventful summer in Silicon Valley, there is blood in the water — at stake is democracy itself. Can Washington stop big tech companies? Don’t bet on it.