Michael J. Graetz (Columbia): Heading off a Cliff? Reverse Robin Hoods: The shaky math of the GOP tax plan. How the tax cut scam works. Dean Baker on the tax scam we know and the tax scam we don’t know. Brian Beutler on seeing through Republican tax cut lies. Paul Krugman on the ten big lies Trump and allies are telling, what they’ve said, and how we know that they are lies. The GOP tax plan takes from orphans, gives to trust-fund kids. Jared Bernstein on Republican class warfare at its most egregious. Who wins biggest in the GOP tax plan? The lazy rich. How the Trump family benefits from the Republican tax scheme. Thread: “The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, and I’m not even joking”. Trump’s secret tax returns are relevant once more.

Why Trump will regret passing tax reform. Tax cuts are the glue holding a fractured Republican Party together. The Republican tax plan is political suicide. From Vox, the real cost of the Republican tax cuts: They’ll require spending cuts, or tax increases in other areas. Either could hurt many American families; and on the real stakes in the tax reform debate: It’s ultimately about inequality and who benefits from the economy’s rules. The GOP tax plan tells us everything about who matters in American democracy.