Or Bassok (Nottingham): The Supreme Court at the Bar of Public Opinion Polls. The Supreme Court is ignoring Trump as much as possible: The country’s highest court has a strategy for combatting the craziness in Washington — stop focusing on the President. Dahlia Lithwick and Stephen I. Vladeck on the dangerous myth of the judicial “resistance”. The Supreme Court has an ethics problem: Justices on the high court don’t have to follow the same code of conduct as they do in lower courts — that needs to change. Linda Greenhouse, the most respected Supreme Court reporter of her generation, slams media “objectivity”.

Cassandra Burke Robertson (Case Western): Judicial Impartiality in a Partisan Era. David Orentlicher (UNLV): Politics and the Supreme Court: The Need for Ideological Balance. The first chapter from Ideology in the Supreme Court by Lawrence Baum. Scott E. Lemieux on the Supreme Court’s anti-democratic feedback loop: The GOP installs Supreme Court justices over the will of voters, the Supreme Court helps the GOP remain in power — rinse, repeat. How to fix the Supreme Court: The way we choose Supreme Court nominees is broken — here’s how to fix it.

Alli Orr Larsen (William & Mary): Constitutional Law in an Age of Alternative Facts. Eric Berger (Nebraska): When Facts Don’t Matter (“This Article examines the Court’s penchant for brushing aside inconvenient facts”). It’s a fact: Supreme Court errors aren’t hard to find. Chief Justice Roberts and other judges have a hard time with statistics — that’s a real problem.