The worst of the GOP, all in one bill: How tax reform turned into a Frankenstein’s monster of bad Republican ideas. It started as a tax cut — now it could change American life. “It’s a ponzi scheme”: Wall Street fears Trump’s deranged tax plan could kick off economic euthanasia. GOP tax bill is the end of all economic sanity in Washington. The biggest tax scam in history (and more and more). David Leonhardt on the four big tax deceptions. Brian Beutler on how to spot the GOP’s big tax bill lie. How the GOP’s contempt for democracy will pass Trump’s tax cuts (and more). John McCain caps political career by declaring himself a fraud.

Trump’s tax scam is a massive bailout for his rich adult sons paid for by you and your kids. Trump’s phony populism is fully exposed in the Republican tax bill. Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds. A Republican tax plan built for plutocrats. GOP doesn’t seem to hate debt so much now that it wants a tax cut. “The funny thing is all the Republicans voting to increase the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion will switch 180 degrees to being deficit-hawks the second Trump signs the tax cut. They will blame the deficit entirely on spending & the media will let them get away with it”.

The media still doesn’t know how to cover a bankrupt GOP: The Republican Party’s big tax reform package is nothing less than a massive scandal — so where is the outrage? The tax bill battle shows the Left needs a “single payer of fiscal policy”: Sarah Jaffe interviews Michael Kink of the Strong Economy for All Coalition.