The reckoning: More than 100 power brokers have been accused of sexual misconduct. The reckoning: Jessica Delgado on sexual harassment, #MeToo, and the pain of radical change. On Wall Street, #MeToo: Sexual harassment and intimidation is far more extensive than untouchable men in media and politics victimizing powerless women — here’s how it works in the Wall Street executive suites. Low-wage workers aren’t getting justice for sexual harassment: Despite the #MeToo movement, poor women often find that speaking out against abuse at work is too costly. Anna North: What I’ve learned covering sexual misconduct this year.

From the New York Times, we asked 615 men about how they conduct themselves at work. What does “sexual misconduct” actually mean? Inspector general says mishandling of sexual harassment complaints at Justice Department is a “systemic” problem. How the legal system fails victims of sexual harassment: Federal judges have developed a narrow view of what behavior is bad enough to be illegal. No, #MeToo is not a sex panic — the phenomenon it’s describing is true.

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