Jill E. P. Knapen and Nancy M. Blaker (VU Amsterdam) and Thomas V. Pollet (Northumbria): Size, Skills, and Suffrage: Motivated Distortions in Perceived Formidability of Political Leaders. Tom Grimwood (Cumbria): The Meaning of Cliches. Virginia Heffernan on the bland philosophy of James Comey’s Twitter feed. From Library Journal, reviewing the apocalypses: The end of 2017 is nigh, which means it’s a good time to review the year to see if the terrible things people predicted actually came true. Max Boot: 2017 was the year I learned about my white privilege. Why humans are cruel: Paul Bloom explains why humans are so terrible to each other. The introduction to Measuring Tomorrow: Accounting for Well-Being, Resilience, and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century by Eloi Laurent.