From OUP, Peter Ohlin interviews David Benatar, author of The Human Predicament: A Candid Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions. Jennie Dear on the science of what it feels like to die (and more). When you die you know you are dead: Major study shows mind still works after the body shows no signs of life. Dying alone is seen as a character flaw — an imperfection growing somewhere deep inside of you that, provided it is caught in time, can be rooted out or zapped away. Can human mortality really be hacked? Scientists are waging a war against human aging — but what happens next? You can download Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mortality and Its Timings: When is Death?, ed. Shane McCorristine.

Silicon Valley’s quest to live forever: Can billions of dollars’ worth of high-tech research succeed in making death optional? The road to immortality: In California, radical scientists and billionaire backers think the technology to extend life — by uploading minds to exist separately from the body — is only a few years away. Nicola Davison on Stephen Valentine and Timeship, the “fortress” designed to help people live forever. Luc Bovens looks at death, immortality and the worthwhile life (and part 2 and part 3).