#MeToo has been almost 200 years in the making: Jane Marcellus on how the mistreatment of women in the workplace got to be so bad. Academia’s “Shitty Men” list has around 2,000 entries detailing sexual misconduct at universities. Why Wall Street hasn’t had its #MeToo moment yet: Women in finance have been grabbed, humiliated, and propositioned but have kept quiet because of the industry’s culture, 20 interviews show. Alissa Wilkinson on why Woody Allen hasn’t been toppled by the #MeToo reckoning. Yohana Desta on how actresses allegedly blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein are making big comebacks: Mira Sorvino, Annabella Sciorra, and Rose McGowan are all landing plum television gigs.

Are men accused of harassment being denied their due process or are the victims? You don’t need a daughter to want a better world. Why did Catherine Deneuve and other prominent Frenchwomen denounce #MeToo? Publicly, we say #MeToo — privately, we have misgivings. #MeToo is not a witch hunt: America has a rich history of moral panics — this isn’t one.

The “Shitty Media Men” list, explained: How the argument over an anonymous spreadsheet encapsulates the debates of the post-Weinstein era. What happened to the creator of the “Shitty Media Men” list shows why the list was needed: Moira Donegan made the list so women could speak without being harassed — now she faces harassment. The backlash to #MeToo is second-wave feminism.

Will America ever have a #MeToo-style reckoning for racism? “Our history puts the ‘what counts as racism’ bar so high”.