Matteo Bellitto and Mario Coccia (CNR): Human Progress and the Inconsistency of the Equation “Economic Growth=Progress” in the Late Capitalism. Can Planet Earth feed 10 billion people? Humanity has 30 years to find out. With environmental disasters looming, many are choosing childless futures. Doomsday Clock: Why the world is closer to nuclear apocalypse than any time in human history. Is the clock ticking toward doomsday? The news hints that we are getting closer to Armageddon, but some say we are more peaceful now than in the past — how do we make sense of this contradiction? The world is actually becoming a much better place: Emma Seppala interviews Steven Pinker, author of Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress (and more and more and more and more).

Angus Eaton reviews It’s Better Than It Looks: Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear by Gregg Easterbrook. The infinite optimism of physicist David Deutsch: The quantum theorist thinks we’ll solve war, global warming and consciousness — and that will be just the beginning.