Where is Barack Obama? The former president’s reticence in the Trump era is only hurting his party. The missing Obama millions: Democratic strategists need to find more votes — they don’t have far to look. Tom Jacobs on the lingering anguish of the Clinton voter. “He’s JFK with tattoos and a bench press”: Paratrooper Richard Ojeda is redefining what it means to be a Democrat in a deeply red state. The DCCC should chill out and do less to try to pick Democrats’ nominees: There’s very little evidence that “electable” moderates do better. Democrats are moving left — except when you’re not looking. The fight for the future of the Democratic Party is happening on doorsteps in Texas.

“Let’s look at the counter-insurgent forces in the Democrat oppression scenario should they attempt to misuse our law enforcement and military in an unconstitutional manner to take the rights of American citizens”: Kurt Schlichter on why Democrats would lose the Second Civil War, too.