Manuel Doria (UFRJ): The Unreasonable Destructiveness of Political Correctness in Philosophy. From Philosophies, Alexis Dirakis (Centre Marc Bloch): Political Correctness: Implosion of Politics; and Valeri Lichev and Miroslava Hristoskova (ISSK-BAS): Political Correctness: Between Fiction and Social Reality. Is liberal smugness to blame for our god-awful political climate? Isaac Chotiner interviews Katherine Mangu-Ward on Trump, politics, and political correctness. When you hear someone criticize “political correctness”, try substituting the word “conscience”. Everything we think about the political correctness debate is wrong: Support for free speech is rising, and is higher among liberals and college graduates.

A New York Times columnist blamed a far-left “mob” for her woes — but maybe she deserves them. Sweet Jesus, will the NYT’s conservatives ever write about anything but the “intolerant Left” ever again? Higher ed has 99 problems, and the New York Times is one: New York Times’ lefty-punching op-ed page ignores real problems in academia. Thread: “All right, this controversy over conservative columnists in @nytopinion is bugging me. Everyone is dancing around the central point! (The same central point everyone dances around in numerous contemporary controversies.) So I’ma lay it out”.

Louis Michael Seidman (Georgetown): Can Free Speech Be Progressive? The end of academe: Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning on free speech and the silencing of dissent. Jeffrey Sachs: “There Is No Campus Free Speech Crisis: An Unreasonably Long Thread”. The stereotypes about college students and free speech are false. Niraj Chokshi on what college students really think about free speech. Liberal indoctrination? Study counters widely held views about how students’ political views change when they arrive in college. You have conservative students, so teach them: Claire Potter on the campus speech wars. Jon A. Shields on a conservative case for identity politics.

College kids are dumb, okay, so can we move on to everything else in the world, now? Minor threat: Focusing on campus protests is a distraction from the real threats to freedom of speech. The real threat to campuses isn’t “pc culture” — it’s racism. Right wing donors are the ones threatening campus free speech, you idiots. The Koch Foundation is flooding colleges with money. From the “Professor Watchlist” to Tariq Khan, Maximillian Alvarez on Turning Point USA’s campaign to silence opposition. Joshua A. Cuevas on the far right’s use of cyberharassment against academics. The Campus Antifascist Network is winning the fight against fascism at universities.