Daniel J. Hemel (Chicago): The President’s Power to Tax. Alice G. Abreu and Richard K. Greenstein (Temple): The U.S. Taxpayer Bill of Rights: Window Dressing or Expression of Justice? Raul Carrillo and Jesse Myerson on the dangerous myth of “taxpayer money”. Is taxation theft? The assumption that you own the contents of your pay-packet, although almost universal, is demonstrably confused. Felicia Wong on why half a century of anti-tax orthodoxy is wrong. Joshua Cutler (Houston): The Religious Roots of the Progressive Income Tax in America. Why are Democrats so afraid of taxes? Most people are fine with paying them. Billionaire Bill Gates says he should pay “significantly higher” taxes.

Edward D. Kleinbard (USC): What’s a Government Good for? Fiscal Policy in an Age of Inequality. Taxpayers, you’ve been scammed: The tax cuts may look like a gift, but the middle class will end up paying the bill. Washington’s fight over taxes is only beginning: Never mind that “once in a generation” tax bill that passed last year — Congress is headed for years more of battles over taxes, particularly those for individuals.

Kimberly Houser (Washington State): The Use of Big Data Analytics by the IRS: What Tax Practitioners Need to Know. The I.R.S. really doesn’t want to hear from you. Elizabeth Warren has a great idea for making Tax Day less painful: You shouldn’t have to file your taxes — the government should do it for you.