From Congressional Research Service, a report on Trade Deficits and U.S. Trade Policy. It sure looks like China’s preparing for a trade war with the US. “We will not back down”: Canada strikes back at US tariffs. Trump versus the hog-maker: Harley-Davidson vrooms off to the trade war. Ahead of NATO meeting, Trump takes aim at key international alliances — and add the World Trade Organization to the list of Trump targets. A leaked draft bill ordered by President Trump would see the U.S. effectively abandon the WTO. Trump’s “NATO is as bad as NAFTA” comment is scary. We’re in a lot of danger in advance of the NATO summit next month which will be followed shortly after by a summit with Vladimir Putin. Why Trump shouldn’t meet Putin: Americans should worry when the two men are in any kind of one-on-one negotiation.

Trump: “Possible” North Korea nuclear deal may not “work out”. How Trump could revive the Iranian regime: A policy seemingly aimed at bringing about the collapse of the government could backfire. What if Iran leaves the NPT? Iran warns Europe that time is running out on saving nuclear deal. Trump is trying to destabilize the European Union.

The Trump Doctrine is winning and the world is losing. Daniel Drezner on the hidden costs of the Trump administration’s foreign policy: American inaction in foreign policy might not be felt in the present day — by the time we feel it however, it will be too late.