Frank Peter (HBKU): French Secularism and Islam Beyond an Orderly Vision of Politics. Mohamed Abdelaal (Alexandria): Extreme Secularism vs. Religious Radicalism: The Case of the French Burkini. Karina Piser goes inside France’s growing identity war: In the ongoing headscarf fracas, many hardliners are in fact leftists. Stephane Mechoulan (Dalhousie): The Case against the Face-Veil: A European Perspective. The Netherlands just passed a law banning face veils in public buildings. Denmark passes law banning burqa and niqab. In Denmark, harsh new laws for immigrant “ghettos”. The rise of Islamophobia in Europe is being normalised by intellectuals — but they are pushing at an already open door.

To fix Islamophobia, we must first define it. You can download The Muslim Question in Europe: Political Controversies and Public Philosophies by Peter O'Brien (2016).