Lindsey Dillon, Vivian Underhill (UC-Santa Cruz), Christopher Sellers (Stony Brook), Nicholas Shapiro (Science History Institute), Jennifer Liss Ohayon (Silent Spring Institute), Marianne Sullivan (WPU), Phil Brown and Sara Wylie (Northeastern), and Jill Harrison (Colorado): The Environmental Protection Agency in the Early Trump Administration: Prelude to Regulatory Capture. Ultra-right Texas think tank Texas Public Policy Foundation wields power over Trump’s environmental and energy policy. Scott Pruitt is burying his radical pro-polluter agenda under oceans of boring legalese: How a dense, legalistic notice about rethinking cost-benefit analysis could derail environmental protection.

Tribalism fueled Scott Pruitt’s rise to power — and the scandals that came with it. What finally did in Scott Pruitt? How Scott Pruitt blew it: Trump had grown tired of the torrent of negative stories about him and had come to believe they were a distraction that wouldn’t go away. Scott Pruitt is gone — his assault on the environment continues. Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist, is now overseeing the EPA. Life in Trump’s cabinet: Perks, pestering, power, putdowns.