David Matheson (Carleton): The Incoherence of Soft Nihilism. From Congressional Research Service, a report on Commemorations in Congress: Options for Honoring Individuals, Groups, and Events. Pamela Druckerman on how the midlife crisis came to be. A spymaster steps out of the shadows: John Brennan quietly ruled the national-security state under President Obama — now he’s coming forward to rail against Trump and to defend his own legacy. The World Cup so far has been apocalyptically good. Woman who climbed Statue of Liberty says Trump is a monster. Alex Ward on the most important part of the Trump-Putin summit no one is talking about. The British Russia collusion scandal is breaking wide open. Ezra Klein on Donald Trump, Bill Shine, and the problem with “triggering the libs”.

How will we know what a Supreme Court nominee really thinks? Richard Hasen on how Justice Kennedy’s successor will wreak havoc on voting rights and American democracy. What rulings would a brazen conservative majority produce? Jeffrey Toobin on how Trump’s Supreme Court pick could undo Kennedy’s legacy. Conservatives, don’t put too much hope in the next justice.