From the New Yorker, is Trump the second coming of Reagan? Fox News’s Bret Baier wants you to think he just might be. Nancy LeTourneau on the poisoning of American discourse by right-wing media. The Fox News-fake news-Trump nexus: Sanford Schram and Richard Fording on the link between political orientation and the inclination to believe fake news. From Bible study to Google: How some Christian conservatives fact-check the news and end up confirming their existing beliefs. Stephane Wolton (LSE): Are Biased Media Bad for Democracy? Tim Miller on the media’s undeniable pro-Trump bias. “Is this a thing, is this a boom?”: How Washington copes with the insane Trump-era news cycle.

In Trump era, the death of the White House press conference. Jay Rosen on why Trump is winning and the press is losing. The case for even tougher media coverage of Trump.