Romy Jaster (Berlin) and David Lanius (KIT): What is Fake News? Axel Gelfert (TU Berlin): Fake News: A Definition. Lili Levi (Miami): Real “Fake News” and Fake “Fake News”. Philosophers on fake news: Haeun Kim on Arendt and Foucault on power and truth in media politics. Robert B. Talisse on how there’s no such thing as fake news (and that’s bad news). Joshua Habgood-Coote (Bristol): Stop Talking about Fake News! Ari Ezra Waldman (NYLS): The Marketplace of Fake News. Matteo Monti (SSSA): The New Populism and Fake News on the Internet: How Populism Along with Internet New Media is Transforming the Fourth Estate. The grim conclusions of the largest-ever study of fake news.

Gordon Pennycook (Yale) and David G. Rand (Yale): Lazy, Not Biased: Susceptibility to Partisan Fake News is Better Explained by Lack of Reasoning Than by Motivated Reasoning. Gordon Pennycook, Tyrone Cannon, and David G. Rand (Yale): Prior Exposure Increases Perceived Accuracy of Fake News. Gleb Tsipursky and James Mulick (OSU) and Fabio Votta (Stuttgart): Fighting Fake News with Psychology: The Pro-Truth Pledge. Abby K. Wood and Irina Dykhne (USC) and Ann M. Ravel (UC-Berkeley): Fool Me Once: Regulating “Fake News” and Other Online Advertising.

Mike Ananny on Facebook, facts, and the problem with “a marketplace of ideas”. Mark Zuckerberg lays out Facebook’s 3-pronged approach to fake news. Facebook may have finally found a way to deal with fake news. Facebook proves it isn’t ready to handle fake news.

Pranked conservatives squeal: Sacha Baron Cohen fake-newsed us! Sacha Baron Cohen teaches the Right what fake news really is.