Here’s what political science can tell us about that Trump-Putin press conference. “This was the nightmare scenario”: The West Wing revolts after Trump embraces Putin. Thread: “A brief history of the idea of an American/Russian alliance to preserve global white supremacy”. How Russians saw the Helsinki summit: Beneath the widespread jubilation over Putin’s triumph, a few folks worry Trump capitulated so spectacularly that it’s almost certain to provoke backlash. Trump is fighting the entire Republican Party to defend Putin. Trump’s allies in Congress are blaming the press for Trump’s performance in Helsinki. The “legitimacy” excuse for Trump’s Russia coverup is a crock. Trump resorts to his usual maneuver when he screws up big time. Trump gave congressional Republicans the deniability they crave. This was “not” what Trump meant to say.

Donald Trump is fulfilling all of those Obama conspiracy theories. Trump is not Putin’s puppet: There’s a better explanation for his fondness for the Russian president. Trump’s stance toward Russia isn’t appeasement — it may be even worse. So Trump is a traitor — what difference does that make to black folks? Stop saying Trump committed “treason” — you’re playing into his hands. Stop calling it “meddling” — it’s actually information warfare. Donald Trump is a danger to us all — Congress, do something. Standards for impeachment: Bob Bauer on Trump’s defense of Putin in the face of Russia’s electoral attacks.

For Republicans, “the dam has broken” — but for how long? When it comes to Trump, “there is no such thing as a last straw” for Republicans. All the times that everyone said Republicans must now stand up to Donald Trump. Why not much will come of Republicans’ outrage at Trump on Russia. Trump didn’t flout GOP norms — he epitomized them. The real problem we face is a Republican Party that’s nearly unanimous in its cultlike attachment to a man who’s an obvious fraud — and possibly far worse.