Sarah Roache and Lawrence O. Gostin (Georgetown), Charles Platkin (Hunter), and Cara Kaplan (Fordham): Big Food and Soda Versus Public Health: Industry Litigation Against Local Government Regulations to Promote Healthy Diets. U.S. officials reportedly met with dissident Venezuelan military officers, and Maduro’s regime is putting the news to use. Kim Kelly on anarchy: What it is and why pop culture loves it. Consortium of the largest science funders in Europe announce that they’ll only fund open access research. China is detaining Muslims in vast numbers — the goal is “transformation”. Cosma Shalizi reviews The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters by Tom Nichols.

Giacomo Bonan (Bologna): Confronting Hardin: Trends and Approaches to the Commons in Historiography. How the Left lost Brazil: This October, the far Right may take over South America’s largest economy. From Vox, what so many men are missing about #MeToo: Sexual discrimination and abuse constitute a crisis — Louis C.K. will be fine; CBS gave Les Moonves a graceful exit he didn’t deserve; and why did it take so long for Les Moonves to leave CBS? Davey Alba on how Duterte used Facebook to fuel the Philippine drug war. Academic publishing is a mess and it makes culture wars dumber. Why a far-right party with white supremacist roots is on the rise in Sweden. Did scientists discover a new shape? Well, first we have to define “shape” — also, “new”.