From Portfolio, the Britney Economy: A back-of-the-napkin calculation of just how much the scandal-plagued star is worth to the multitudes who make money off her; and five years after he stepped down as chairman of AOL Time Warner, Steve Case is trying to rewrite the rules of health care, real estate, and personal finance — what's taking so long? From TNR, a panel of eggheads and eminences announces its votes. The death of nations: An article on a powerful modern myth: Free markets are either attainable or desirable. From Outskirts, a special issue on feminist engagements in other places. From Women's Review of Books, the stay-at-home pushmepullyou: A review of Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home by Pamela Stone and Off-Ramps and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to Success by Sylvia Ann Hewlett. A review of Playing With My Dog Katie: An Ethnomethodological Study of Dog – Human Interaction by David Goode. Death in Georgia: Jeffrey Toobin on the high price of trying to save an infamous killer’s life. From Theandros, a review of Christianity and the Transformation of the Book by Anthony Grafton and Megan Williams. John Allen Paulos on God, science and an unbeliever's Utopia. An interview with David Frum on Comeback: Conservatism.