From Quadrant, an article on diagnosing the new British disease; and a review of books on America as the new Rome. From Literary Review, a review of Alfred & Emily by Doris Lessing (and more, and an interview at Bookforum). Craig Newmark is capitalizing on his success to promote causes he holds dear. Technostalgia: An article on what steampunk is about. Their darkest dealings often go unreported and unnoticed, but from Nairobi to Sao Paulo, many urban gangs are becoming more sophisticated, more brutal, and more powerful than ever. Michael Kinsley on genetic discrimination: Unfair or natural? From US News, an article on ranking the politics of Supreme Court Justices. An interview with Robert Pollock on how The Wall Street Journal editorial page gets made. The Mysteries of the Suicide Tourist: Why the same things that attract millions of happy visitors to New York—the glamour, the skyline, the anonymity—also draw people from around the world to kill themselves here. The evolving Web of future wealth: The web of connections among goods and services in an economy may be the long-missing key to understanding how novel innovations and new wealth arise. From NYRB, Frank Rich on how to cover an election; a review of books on Churchill and his myths; a review of books on the rise of the Muslim terrorists; and a review of books on Iraq: Will we ever get out?