From Axess, a special issue on religion, including Roger Scruton on The Return of Religion; Richard Wolin on Religion and Public Reason; and an interview with Gordon Lynch on The New Atheism. Republicans have been able to count on the Cuban-American vote for decades; but Cuba is changing, slowly, and the exile community of South Florida may be changing. More and more and more on Strange Fruit by Kenan Malik. The National Football League draft for 2008 is an extraordinary collision of economic theory and American sporting obsession. Published in 1958, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's The Leopard reads like the last 19th-century novel, a perfect evocation of a lost world. The year that really changed everything: The Spirit of '78, Stayin' Alive. Pill-popping pets: Americans are spending millions on mood-altering drugs for their cats and dogs; is it because we’ve driven them mad? The disciple of Dangerous Writing, Chuck Palahniuk, reveals his unusual creative process, and the one place that he won't go in his notoriously bad-taste fiction. A review of Hip-Hop Revolution: The Culture and Politics of Rap by Jeffrey Ogbonna Green Ogbar. "Honour" in most societies is premised on women’s bodies and behaviour, and any perceived deviation meets with violence of many kinds. Female socialization: A look at how daughters affect their legislator fathers’ voting on women’s issues.